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The selection of a swimming pool company to install your backyard dream can be confusing and will take a lot of research. We hope you will find the following information to be helpful during the "decision-making process". Fox Pools has been manufacturing swimming pools and pool components since 1958 and is still privately owned and operated in York, Pa. Over the years, as they grew, they acquired companies to support their goal of bringing consumers a product with the highest possible standards in the industry. This means one company, one quality control. Other swimming pool installers buy components from different manufacturers and/or distributors. The components of their pools have not been engineered as a system. Fox Pools does not rely on other companies for structural components and has been manufacturing and serving the same brand pool for over 40 years; NO OTHER COMPANY CAN MAKE THAT CLAIM.
If you and your family are looking for a company that stands behind its promises and assists their customers year around, we are confident you will select Fox Pool, the strongest name in pools. The upstate of South Carolina and Southern North Carolina is within the service area of Fox Pools of Spartanburg.
Fox Pools of Spartanburg was incorporated in the spring of 1978. In 1978, Fox Pools of Spartanburg began a long-term relationship with its parent company, Foxxx Pool Corporation of York, Pa.
Family Pool — Building Specialties in Spartanburg, SC
For the first four years, Fox Pools of Spartanburg operated out of a construction office at Raintree Office Park in Spartanburg, S.C. The first retail store and service center opened in 1982 . The initial success far exceeded expectations, necessitating a new and much larger store to be built in 1985. With the later addition of a construction warehouse, this new location has served us well and proven to be a great decision by placing us in the heart of the booming Spartanburg market. It also provided a central location to serve the entire upstate and North Carolina markets.
Pool — Building Specialties in Spartanburg, SC

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