Pool Installation in Spartanburg, SC

By now, you have discovered that with Fox Pools you have a virtually unlimited selection of shapes and sizes of swimming pools. Your selection gives you a family center for summertime fun, entertainment, and relaxation. Just open your backdoor and let Fox Pools open a new and exciting world of lasting pleasure. Because a pool becomes a permanent part of your home, make sure that you invest in a quality product. Fox Pools of Spartanburg has over 25 years of experience and a long list of satisfied customers that has positioned us as the premier swimming pool company in our region.
Pool Installation — Swimming Pool Dealers in Spartanburg, SC
Pool Plan — Swimming Pool Dealers in Spartanburg, SC


  • The pool is self-standing at all times.
  • The pool can be backfilled with soil and can be poured before the pool is filled, The Brace system supports the deck.
  • You can fill the pool before the pool is backfilled with no danger of wall distortion.
  • Your pool can be drained at any time without danger of wall collapse or distortion.
The X-design principle, used in sky­scrapers, bridges and other applications where great strength is required, was first invented and later patented by Fox for use in residential swimming pools.
This is especially important in a pool where thousands of pounds of earth and water pressure are applied to the pool's underground structure. An engineering report, prepared by an inde­pendent consulting engineering firm, confirms the lasting strength of the Fox Stan-Gard pool design.